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Car Industry NewsJapan has been a single of the world’s Prime three auto generating nations since the 1960’s, securing its status as a planet leader in automotive manufacturing and technologies. If the government is going to give funding to retain the car or truck sector going, then they must give a decent quantity CONDITIONAL on them creating the technology of the future, here in Australia. Get all the details in one location of the most up-to-date happenings in the Indian and International automobile situation.

The Americans rescued their car or truck sector, but with the size of their market place and the move to smaller cars, they have each and every chance of being globally competitive again. The net outcome is that Australians are paying a fortune for locally constructed automobiles and these resources, people and capital, are being held in limbo to support a dinosaur industry as an alternative of getting released to move into other industries.

He is John Hughes who is the man accountable for bringing the now very effective Korean brand Hyundai to Australia. BMW, which has lately overtaken Mercedes in the Indian luxury car or truck market place, launched the X6 M, the 760 Li and the Gran Turismo — all priced larger than $200,000.

There are some minor little pockets of business pretending to represent technologies prowess in this country, but on the whole we have no higher-end substantial scale technology industries such as aerospace (aircraft, rockets, satellites), electronics, chemical, biosciences, robotics, pharmaceuticals, optics, substantial scale power merchandise, shipping etc.

The fortunes of a country of 22 million men and women do not ride on the results of 1 specific slither of the manufacturing market. He mentioned it would repay about $50 billion in government loans ahead of a 2015 deadline. That may well not quantity to substantially, however: Total annual sales of leading-finish automobiles number only about 9,000 in India.