Renault Kwid On Autoportal – Customer’s Review

Renault Kwid On Autoportal - Customer's Review
Renault Kwid On Autoportal - Customer's Review

Kwid isconsidered as the most preferred vehicle for most people due to its lowestprice range along with extensive capabilities. The vehicle has been designedfor delivering the mid-range and low-end punch when compared to the standard800cc model. It runs on 68bhp at 5,500rpm along with the 91 Nm and 4,250rpmTorque. The vehicle paired with the 5 speed transmission gearbox with 800ccKwid. Get complete detailed RenaultKwid price list on Autoportal.


The Renault Kwid 1.0 Litre has been given the wide update on the features and the extensive design. Renault Kwid 1.0 Litre becomes quite popular for the customers for enabling the crossover design. It is one of the most amazing features making better aspects of driving. It has the review view camera along with the fold down handrest, updated grille and more efficient. Price list of vehicle is mainly available in the same cost. Kwid 1.0 Litre is the ultimate stellar hatchback by Renault having 999cc having 3 cylinder engine.

Exterior Changes:

Exterior does not change on the cosmetic terms so it is necessary to save more on updated grille at the front. The car has the petal shaped headlamps that mainly carries on the tail lamps on the previous version. Renault has some of the cosmetic changes that includes silver housings in the wing mirrors as well as chequered decals insides to the maximum. Kwid has unchanged the 2422 mm wheelbase ad it brings more beautiful look. Check out the complete customer’s review on the Renault Kwid on Autoportal in a much more unique manner. Kerb weight would be most significant from 40kg to 700 kg.

Engine And Transmission Of Renault Kwid:

Specification of the vehicle mainly has the mechanical set-up that remains unchanged so that it would mainly derive the power up to 800 cc and 3-cylinder petrol unit. The pre-facelift version has a maximum power of up to 53 bhp and it has the peak Torque of about 72 Nm. Renault Kwid comes with the 1.0-liter unit on top power so that it mainly includes the 91 Nm torque. It has 5 speed manual gearbox suitable for the engine with Easy-R AMT unit on the 1.0-liter engine. Get the detailed list of the Renault Kwid engine and transmission on the official website.

Renault Kwid Interior:

Renault Kwid interiors have any number of changes and it is highly suitable for people to enjoy driving. The styling of the vehicle has not been changed and there is a reverse camera with the RXT (O) trim. Top-spec grade also received the rear 12-volt socket having the chrome-festooned gear knob. Kwid features central locking, power windows along with RXL variant. Renault Kwid gets the rear arm rest on only for the selected variants.

Power-To-Weight Ratio:

Lightweight underpinnings of Kwid make it more unique when compared to the other vehicles. Good power output also enabled with the ratio for its class and has the unique 97 BHP per tonne. Renault Kwid becomes the most efficient defacto choice for every hatchback segment as well … READ MORE ...

Considerations when Selling a Car on the Modern Market

Considerations when Selling a Car on the Modern Market

We’ve all been there before. You’ve gotten yourself a brand new (or almost brand new) ride and now the old one is sitting around in the driveway. You also might not be used to having a car payment again. Liquidating that old ride seems like the perfect thing to do. Crypto-currency and other modern elements of selling cars is probably the paramount concern on your mind. Before you go typing “Sell my car online with Carcoin” into your browser, please understand that there are long existing considerations when selling any used automobile. Practices, that when performed, increase your odds of having a more successful sell. Following these practices also seem to help the car sell a lot quicker as well.

Imagine that you are on the market for a car and you’re in one of those positions where all you can afford is a used car. To be properly empathetic, imagine that you are a first year University student or a struggling single mother. Used is what you are on the market for; there are no other options open to you. One day, you browse the classifieds, and somebody has a respectable deal on an older car, so you go to check it out. Take a moment to imagine just how eager you would be to move forward if the outside of the car was unwashed and the inside was dirty. You would probably be hesitant right? Most of us would. When we go to buy something, even something heavily used, we expect it to be in the optimum condition that it could possibly be in. We expect any car that we are excited to buy to be clean (inside and out). This is why it’s so important to clean that car like you never have before when you are selling it! This alone will have the biggest impact upon potential buyers. No potential buyer would ever admit this, but it absolutely does; the effect is psychological.

Not expecting too much is another thing to always practice when selling a used car. It’s easy to add a few hundred to that blue book value after having dumped a bunch of money in the car just to keep it running up until this point! Avoid this urge at all costs! Be as realistic as possible. If it were you on the buying end, you would be trying to get as far under that blue book value as possible! Price that used car correctly and watch the offers come in.

It’s literally that simple. Deep cleaning the automobile and pricing it correctly is almost all there really is to consider when selling any used car. You do need to consider safety, however. Only meet potential buyers in a well-lit, public area. You might also want to keep the block chain crypto buying technology that we discussed during the opening in mind. Cryptocurrencies such as car coin can certainly offer the buyer and seller the level of security afforded through block … READ MORE ...

Car Seat Covers, The Meticulous Car Owner’s Best Friend

Car Seat Covers, The Meticulous Car Owner's Best Friend

Car seat covers provide not only seat protection from the elements, but better comfort and aesthetics for any car from a regular daily driver to an exotic sports car. Contrary to common belief, car seat covers are a truly cost-effective and easy method of providing excellent protection against the regular seat wears and tears of everyday usage, alongside the added bonus of enhancing the aesthetics of a vehicle. The first and foremost reason towards protecting your car seats with covers is to retain both its resale value and condition, in a sense an investment for the future with little to no cost.

Manufacturer car interiors are mostly designed around looks over ruggedness and therefore deteriorate easily due to the materials utilized such as fabric and leather which tends to discolor, tear and crack under regular use and exposure to the elements. These elements can range from anything such as kids, sunlight and the odd spilling of a beverage. All these aforementioned maladies can be avoided with a simple and low cost solution namely the common car seat cover. Multiple retailers and general automotive goods stores can provide a plethora of options when it comes to selecting the right car seat cover. GrokAuto is an exemplary example of one of these retailers with a wide range of compatible cheap covers.

Durability is the main selling point of automotive seat covers, utilizing materials such as synthetic fibers and waterproof faux leather to protect car seats from the most damaging of stains. Pets scratching the car seats, kids coloring the interior and the inevitable coffee stain can all be prevented with a simple durable car seat cover. An extensive list of the advantages of car covers is further explained here.

Comfort is the second added bonus of a car seat cover. Automotive seat covers provide additional cushioning for the generally stiff and rigid OEM seat covers and can spruce up even the oldest and most outdated of interiors. With the included advantage of generally updated aesthetics and color schemes, any old or ugly vehicle can look ten times more impressive with a simple car seat cover, arguably giving the vehicle additional value during resale. The generally ugly styling of economy cars from the early 2000s is a good example of this with floral patterns and distasteful decorations which can easily be masked with an automotive seat cover.

Finally, and foremost, ease of use. Car seat covers are exceptionally easy to install requiring no complex tools and expensive upholsterers. Any average Joe can pick up some seat covers and do it without any added help. Simply remove the headrests and seats and stretch the covers in place using the provided clips to hold them down. A good simple to follow guide can be found here.

In conclusion automotive seat covers are a pleasure to work with, a pleasure to look at, a leisure to sit on and a solid investment for any meticulous vehicle owner who only wants the best for their preferred method … READ MORE ...

What Car Fabric is Best for Your Car Seats

What Car Fabric is Best for Your Car Seats

Our cars can be everything to us that’s why we go to great lengths to be comfortable in them. Why shouldn’t we? We spent a good amount of time in them on a daily basis. That’s why if you are looking for new seat covers, you should really consider the fabric itself. Picking the right one can give you comfort on that road trip or when riding way across town. Here are some things to consider when picking your next seat cover and what fabric to consider.


What’s Neoprene

Many people are not familiar with Neoprene fabric and get them confused with others. The fabric is like a scuba diver’s wetsuit. It gives the driver good comfort and lots of protection. You will find that it is very snug on your seat and doesn’t have the tendency to fade in direct sunlight. It is UV resistant and a popular choice for drivers. Neoprene is specifically for car usage. It is waterproof and fights strong against water getting on to the material. You won’t have to worry about spilling your drink and the liquid soaking to your actual seat with Neoprene fabric. There are many neoprene seat covers you can buy in your local area.

Seat Cover Protection

Our biggest concern when we do purchase car seat covers is wondering if they actually work. No one wants to buy a seat cover and it does nothing for the seats we are trying to cover. Protection should be high on your list as that’s the reason to buy seat covers in the first place. Protection materials within the seat cover is important. If it doesn’t have any kind of protection to it, then you might be buying a blanket to cover your seat. Take the time to read about a seat cover’s materials and learn what it’s made out of. Every seat cover should show some percentage amount of the protection level.

Seat Cover Comfort

Comfort should also be high on your list as well. It can be extremely damaging to our backs as we drive on old seats that have lost their cushion. When picking a seat cover make sure you get one that has the right comfort level. The types of material could include sheepskin, leather or even foam. If you go for the high-end comfort seat covers, you will probably have to take care of them more. It makes no sense to spend a lot of money when you don’t take the time to maintain the comfort. There are some middle level seat covers that support your back but can wear down over time. Many people have opted to buy imitation leather seat covers. Leather seat covers most often will have a different name.

Whichever seat cover you decide to buy, it’s always helps to get one that protects, gives you the best comfort and doesn’t break your wallet. Seat covers bring attraction to our automobiles as well. They help with keeping our old seats stay clean and … READ MORE ...

Find Value Where It Can Be Found

Find Value Where It Can Be Found

Vehicles make the impossible possible. It goes from a well paved road to off roading in no time. Your all wheel drive SUV is perfect for coasting down the freeway as it is seeking adventure in rougher terrain. People use vehicles for many reasons. All in which have to do with transportation in one way or another. 

Find Value Where It Can Be Found

Owning a car can be mostly a great convenience until a tire pops or some other part needs replacing. This is part of the process and a person needs to understand that maintaining the vehicle is a vital aspect of its health. If one gets loose with how they care for his or her vehicle, issues are bound to arise and it won’t always be pretty. How does one make sure they maximize the effort set forth for their car? By planning not only to take good care of the ride, but also plan on acquiring the proper parts for it to remain on the road for a number of years. 


Your vehicle has been on the road for just over six months and everything has been going great. There hasn’t been an issue and you have been extremely conscious about taking care of every little detail of the ride. One morning as you are commuting to work you notice the sun is awfully bright in the direction you are headed—the sun rising in the east sets for a pretty picture but it also elicits some tough driving conditions on the road. You pull up to a stop light just fine and wait at the red light when, boom! In a moment your car is totaled. At this stage you are wondering where to go once the debris is cleared. You plead something like buy my junk car houston tx. Is it a value to you any longer? 


It will cost too much for repair so you decide to sell it. People will buy several cars for parts, especially a new one that was recently totaled. Simply because an insurance company sees something as a total loss doesn’t literally mean all is lost as far as the whole makeup of the car is concerned. There are many parts that can be extremely beneficial despite all this. 

Imagine a car being stuck in a flood, for instance. Yes, most of the parts will be damaged and eventually rust due to the flooding. Electrical work could be extremely damaged too. Insurance companies usually deem a vehicle a complete loss when the cost of repair work is worth more than what the vehicle is worth. The tires may have been incredibly new at the time of flooding and can be used, therefore salvaged. 

Whether the aforementioned example holds true for you or not, the point is that there is a lot of value in car parts. Someone’s garbage can be another person’s gold. If you have a part on your automobile that needs replacing, don’t hesitate to be creative with how you procure … READ MORE ...