Myanmar All Auto Enterprise Car Rental Business Hours

Myanmar All Auto Enterprise Car Rental Business Hours

Enterprise car rental hours operationEnterprise CarShare is also obtainable for a lot of universities, firms and governments. My insurance company ended up paying the damages minus the $100 on December 15th. On December 23rd, Enterprise sent me another letter with an invoice telling me they have not received income from my insurance for the 3,436$ and if not paid by me in ten days I will be sent to collections AND I was banned from employing them and three other rental auto areas.

Under the university’s contract with Enterprise, PAI will cost an added $six.00 per day for all autos rented except mini-vans, pickup trucks, and sport utility automobiles. These automobiles will have an further expense per day at local Enterprise areas. Please get in touch with procurement@ for prices. PAI will be reimbursed along with all other authorized travel and rental vehicle expenditures. PAI at other locations will differ.

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