Who Would Use a Fluidized Bed Reactor?

Who Would Use a Fluidized Bed Reactor?

A device known as a fluidized bed reactor creates chemical reactions. This machine is filled with a solid and forces moving liquids through the chamber until the particles mix and behave like a liquid. This is the same process that takes place in a fluidizer and is crucial to many industries. Here are some of the fields where this technology is used. 

Medical Field

This technology has recently become used in the medical field to create new tools and treatments. For instance, an air-fluidized bed is something that doctors may prescribe to patients for in-home use and relies on this technology. 

Petroleum Industry

One of the oldest applications of this technology is the petroleum industry. In fact, fluidized bed reactors were specifically designed for the production of oil and petrochemicals. This is because they use the process of cracking to transform petroleum into various simpler compounds. The result is various types of fuels that companies can produce quickly. Although they were invented in the 1920s, they are still the primary technology used to make gasoline and other petroleum-based products today. 

Polymer Production

Fluidized bed reactors are also popular in the production of polymers. Specifically, this technology is crucial for producing rubber, polyethylene, vinyl chloride, polypropylene, and styrenes. In addition, this mixing method is very efficient, which allows for these products to be produced cheaper. 

Treatment Facilities

This technology is also commonly used to treat waste from coal mines, nuclear power sites, and water treatment sites. When used in these areas, …

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