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Npd automotive aftermarket industry monitorCHICAGO (March 16, 2011) — NPD Group Inc., a market study company, is marking ten years of generating the Aftermarket Business Monitor — which tracks point-of-sale info at the national and local industry levels — by adding 3 auto parts retailers to its retail panel. According to NPD, with the retail panel expansion, the Aftermarket Industry Monitor now captures weekly auto parts channel sales from 11 partners, representing more than 20,000 person storefronts, which amounts to roughly 80 million retailer level transactions each and every month. In addition, the panel expansion enables NPD to enhance geographic detail in the western U.S., which it divides into three smaller regions: northwest, southwest, and mountain.

Whilst the aftermarket industry general faces some challenges ahead, numerous categories and items will see development this year. For brands, manufacturers, and retailers, product innovation and a concentrate on the in-store experience for customers continue to be top of mind when it comes to accomplishment in today’s altering retail environment. Additionally, business players have to continue to focus on aligning their potential to get products into the hands of customers primarily based on how these shoppers want to shop.

NPD’s Aftermarket Business Monitor, which tracks item-level sales at much more than 18,000 U.S. auto components retailer, finds that the sales growth is driven by applications parts, which increased 10 percent in dollar volume for the January through April 2010 time period versus a year-ago. The dollar gains, according to the Aftermarket Market Monitor,” came from genuine unit volume growth reflecting an actual boost in consumer transactions for replacement components. Much of the volume growth came through the commercial channel, as repair shop bays filled up with aging automobiles.

NPD Expands Aftermarket Market Monitor Retail Panel With Further Auto Components Retailersnpd automotive aftermarket industry monitor

Npd Automotive Aftermarket Industry MonitorCHICAGO (March 16, 2011) — NPD Group Inc., a marketplace research organization, is marking ten years of generating the Aftermarket Market Monitor — which tracks point-of-sale info at the national and local market levels — by adding 3 auto parts retailers to its retail panel. Following many discussions, NPD stated that its retailer partners have been unable to agree on a solution that would enable AAIM to collect and report the supply data needed to continue a total store reporting model. As a outcome, NPD announced the suspension of application parts categories reporting with the February delivery of January information, which coincides with the last NAPA information delivery. With no retailer resolution in spot, AAIM service on front-of-store and light application categories will also be impacted, according to NPD.

Retail Tracking Service – Delivers unmatched point-of-sale details enabling you to understand industry dynamics, partner with retailers, and identify opportunities for development. Only NPD provides the most total and correct view of the automotive products market. Details is collected from our retail panel covering 80 % of the total market place, like 20 retailers from the mass and automotive specialty channels.

Back-to-School Monitor – Answer your vital marketing concerns throughout and following the back-to-college season so you can rapidly adjust selling approaches and advertising promotions to capitalize on what shoppers are reporting. The Back-to-College Monitor’s information and analysis are primarily based on an on the internet survey fielded weekly from July to September. The study focuses on tracking consumers’ shopping and getting dynamics to deliver insights on the total office and school supplies market place, key customer groups’ purchasing behaviors, channel and retailer shifts, influence of school lists in buying, and how college supplies fit in with other back-to-college getting.

A Look At Trends And Statistics In The Automotive Aftermarket Marketnpd automotive aftermarket industry monitor

Npd Automotive Aftermarket Industry MonitorCHICAGO (March 16, 2011) — NPD Group Inc., a market place investigation organization, is marking 10 years of making the Aftermarket Market Monitor — which tracks point-of-sale data at the national and nearby industry levels — by adding 3 auto components retailers to its retail panel. Meals Security Monitor – Realize the sturdy influence consumers’ food safety concerns can have on your company and your market. Equipping your organization with a clear view of consumers’ meals safety worries, this tracking tool gives unprecedented insight into consumers’ food security concerns, meals security expertise, and future consuming intentions, allowing for strong and strategic decision producing.

NPD’s study also revealed that motor oil category discounts seemed to be an powerful buy behavior driver: 81% who bought motor oil on deal mentioned they specifically went to the shop for that motor oil acquire. In addition, those shoppers were a lot more most likely to say they would have produced no acquire if their preferred brand were not offered (15% compared to 11%).

CREST – Since 1981 CREST, NPD’s flagship info service, has been monitoring all elements of how customers use restaurants and foodservice. Over 400,000 consumer visits to commercial and non-industrial foodservice establishments are continually and rigorously tracked. CREST arms manufacturers and operators with marketplace dynamics from the consumer viewpoint, and permits them to monitor the total foodservice market or examine distinct segments, categories, chains, or meals products. CREST tracks customer foodservice usage in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. A pilot system is underway in Mexico. Category and information availability varies by nation.

NPD Group Suspends Publication Of The Aftermarket Industry Monitornpd automotive aftermarket industry monitor

npd automotive aftermarket industry monitorCHICAGO (March 16, 2011) — NPD Group Inc., a marketplace investigation business, is marking ten years of generating the Aftermarket Sector Monitor — which tracks point-of-sale information at the national and local market levels — by adding 3 auto parts retailers to its retail panel. The automotive aftermarket will see a full transformation of its core consumer over the subsequent 10 years. Millennials, who have now surpassed Infant Boomers as the biggest living generation in the United States, are entering their peak driving years as their predecessors are actively retiring and changing their driving behavior. Statistics from the Federal Highway Administration show that 20-34 year olds right now, on average, drive twice as much compared to drivers more than 65-years old.

SMB Technology Monitor – Obtain access to new B2B insights on anticipated purchase intentions and spending, brand perceptions, and services attached to PCs, networking gear, storage systems, servers, software program, mobile devices, and printers. You can use this info to understand little and medium company (SMB) purchasing behavior and make informed organization decisions related to the industrial market. This quarterly report is based on an online survey of SMB technology decision-makers.

Retail Tracking – Monitor sales of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel and footwear in division retailers, specialty retailers, and national chains. You also can use this service to track sales of women’s accessories in division retailers and national chains. It delivers the most detailed point-of-sale (POS) info accessible for the style sector to guide your critical organization choices.

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