Automation & Robotics In Automotive Manufacturing 2019 Use Of Robots In Automotive Industry

Collaborative robot automotive industryThe automotive industry’s demand for industrial robots is forecast to treble in the next seven years, according to a new report. A single important driver is the new generation of lightweight robots that allow man and machine to perform closely with each other – with no safety guard between. Initial applications have been realised in the automotive sector. “Industrial robot know-how generated within automotives points towards new technologies permitting enable man and machine to function in teams”, says Mathias Wiklund, COO Comau Robotics.

Another main force in the American robotics industry is Sweden’s ABB. In a recent report, ABB noted that with the escalating use of robots and associated automation in the automobile business, the drivers” continue to be increasing labor charges, robotic technology cost decreases and the ever-difficult shortage of skilled labor. The remarkable ease of use that new robotics technologies offer you to the end user is creating the decision to use robots simpler than ever. As 1 GM observer puts it, They are virtually human, but they don’t look interested in organizing.” In fact, due to the terrific boost in top quality (reliability, accuracy and so on), GM reorganized its robotics purchasing within the company’s all round acquiring function as a separate department.

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